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Protecting the American Dream

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Tips & Advice For All Homeowners

In order to save you money & make the mortgage process much more transparent the Homeowners Consumer Center along with the National Mortgage Complaint Center has developed a 20 page handbook that will explain mortgage do's & don'ts along with a glimpse of what some of the most important mortgage documents look like. We have tried to design this as helpful advice designed to save you money and prevent you from being over charged or cheated by your mortgage lender. We have done this because most consumers are never given this type of information.
Download 6 mb (long download)


Homeowners Insurance Information

FEMA's Main web site. Homeowners who live next to a river, stream, the Gulf Coast, the East Coast or any area of the country susceptible to tropical storms, hurricanes, thunderstorms, any type of flooding should get flood insurance. This coverage is only available through FEMA. If you are a homeowner living in a flood zone please get flood insurance for the house along with contents coverage for your contents.

US Communities

If you are about to move or you are looking for more information about specific US cities or towns this is a helpful web site.


Useful Energy Conservation Tips For Every Homeowner:

With energy costs getting so expensive we thought it important to include a link for more information about energy conservation.

Weather Or Interesting Environmental Sites

The National Weather Service. Get up to the minute weather information from the National Weather Service about your community or any community in the US.


Get up to the minute tropical storm or hurricane information from the National Hurricane Center.

The US Geological Study is a great source of information about floods, earthquakes and a great deal of other important or useful information.




Other Resources

The Federal Governments main consumer web site. Homeowners should check out the home & community section for useful tips and suggestions. www.consumer.gov 

The Federal Governments main consumer site for federal employees. Lots of good information.


Consumer Reports: Find out specific product information for the home. www.consumerreports.org/


The Federal Trade Commissions main consumer web site. This site is loaded with great information for homeowners & consumers.


Danny Lipford: We think this site has a wealth of great do it your self tips for homeowners. Http://Dannylipford.com